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Queenstown Piers Bulkhead Preservation & Void Fill

Stabil Solutions, Inc offers many solutions with our different types of Polyurethane Foam to fill voids, densify soils, lift concrete, seal cracks, and many other solutions.

In this instance, we received a phone call from a local engineering company hired by the Town of Queenstown to look over their Piers along 1st & 2nd Ave. The town was looking to find a way to preserve the bulkhead as long as possible and fix the voids presented under the blacktop and mitigate soil erosion coming from the bulkhead.

Pictured below you will see that the blacktop is starting to cave in towards the bulkhead this is caused by the soil eroding away from underneath through the bulkhead. We used NCFI Terrathance 24-042 which is hydrophobic and Certified to NSF/ANSI 61-Section 5 Safe Drinking Water Standards, we drilled a series of 71 holes on 2nd Ave and 13 in 1st Ave in doing this we backfilled and remedied erosion, stabilize the areas to allow for new blacktop, compacted the soils and filled the larger voids.