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Hi, my name is Michael Darling and I’d like to introduce my company – Stabil Solutions. We are a concrete leveling company, putting concrete back in its place for over 20 years. Tearing out old concrete and re-pouring can be very expensive and can cause a great deal of interruption to your business or personal residence. Also, trip hazards can create a major liability situation.

Answer: Polyjacking!

This is a permanent solution to a costly problem. We drill a small 5/8" hole and pump grout underneath the slab. Replacing this sub-base brings it back into alignment with the other surrounding slabs. This process usually takes less than a couple of hours and is ready for immediate use after the job is completed. We also use polyurethane caulking to caulk joints. To schedule a free estimate, call me at (443) 951-1070.

Stabil Solutions is a locally operated and family owned business serving the Delmarva Peninsula and surrounding areas. We are fully insured, are licensed through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC #109248), and have built a solid reputation throughout the Delmarva Peninsula region. Our service area includes Central Maryland, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware, and Southeastern Pennsylvania. With our streamlined processes and industry connections, we will save you roughly 50%-70% off the competition who would only offer you full concrete slab replacement instead of repair.

Our most sought out services include:

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Stabil Solutions offers the following services: