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Pier 4 Bulkhead Seawall Repair Annapolis Maryland

If you have a bulkhead and you are starting to see divots/sink holes in the soil leading to the bulkhead then our Single Component Terra-Lok 24-120 is for you.

When you see the divots/sink holes in the ground that is a sign that you have soil eroding through the bulkhead.

The Single-Component foam is eco-friendly and forms a water-resistant seal. It is proven to displace standing water, fill voids and cracks, and regenerate a water-tight barrier.

Not to mention, our method of seawall repair is about half the cost of replacing the concrete/wood seawall entirely and is great for adding reinforcement. Pier 4 in Annapolis MD called Stabil Solutions, Inc because they were having signs of soils eroding at their bulkhead.

After evaluation we found that our Single Component NCFI 24-120 was the best for this job, ideal for stopping active or flowing water leaks and eliminating water seepage through cracks. We injected into 60 locations throughout the bulkhead to densify soils and mitigate any leaks.