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As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. From overseeing the day-to-day operations of your business to ensuring your staff and customers have what they need, your days are busy to say the least. On top of all of that, it’s also your responsibility to make sure your property is safe for all those that occupy it throughout the day.

If you’ve noticed the concrete on your property has begun to sink, crack, or become uneven, you need to call the pros at Stabil Solutions as soon as possible. Uneven or cracked concrete is a hazard on your property, and, if left unattended, it can cause potential injuries to your staff or customers. Luckily, we have high-quality and affordable commercial concrete jacking services for business owners like yourself! Request a quote online to get started, and continue reading to learn more about our commercial concrete jacking services we offer in Delmarva and the surrounding areas.

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Commercial Concrete Jacking You Can Trust

As a family owned and operated concrete leveling company here in Maryland, we know that unforeseen issues like sinking or cracked concrete on your property isn’t ideal. However, we offer our customers financing options to help you ensure the safety and integrity of the concrete on your property without breaking the bank. There are a lot of concrete lifting companies in the area that you can turn to, but here are a few reasons why Stabil Solutions is the concrete leveling company you can trust for the job:

  • Better Business Bureau Rated
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Warrantied Work
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Free Inspections and Estimates
  • Financing Options Available
  • Fast and Reliable Services

When you give our team a call for your commercial concrete jacking needs, you will receive high-quality work that is long-lasting and affordable. Don’t wait until an accident occurs on your property due to cracked or sinking concrete. Be proactive and request a quote today!


  • Excellent customer service - regular communication when there were rain delays. Was the best price as well. Gave estimate efficiently by using photos i uploaded. The work was very good - can hardly tell any work was done at all as they filled all cracks and holes and cleaned up nicely. Would highly recommend them

    Ravi J.

  • Mike was fantastic. Easy to work with. On time and provided recommendations on ways to best accomplish the task. Finally, came in under his estimate and his estimate was a good bit lower than what I was expecting based on online research. A++

    Lance B., Havre de Grace, MD

  • Mike was fantastic. Easy to work with. On time and provided recommendations on ways to best accomplish the task. Finally, came in under his estimate and his estimate was a good bit lower than what I was expecting based on online research. A++

  • Thanks Mike. Your service was very professional. Great communication both e-mail and telephone. Timely responses and accurate estimate. Work completed was exactly as hoped, great outcome. You also identified another slab that needed adjusted and corrected that issue as well. I would and will recommend your service.

    Jim H., Baltimore, MD

What Is Commercial Concrete Jacking?

Simply put, commercial concrete jacking is when a reliable concrete leveling company, like Stabil Solutions, comes to your business’ property and works to repair and raise the concrete that has begun to sink or crack.

The process consists of drilling small holes in a strategic pattern, then filling those holes with polyurethane to lift the concrete to the appropriate levels.

Here are a few signs that you will notice on your property that will prompt you to call us for commercial concrete jacking services:

► Uneven Concrete

If you notice pooling of water on a section of concrete, that means your concrete is uneven and needs to be lifted.

► Cracked Concrete

There are various reasons why concrete will crack, including the wrong mixture of concrete used initially, expansion or contraction of soil beneath the concrete, and more.

► Gapping or Spacing

If you notice your sidewalk or even the concrete steps leading into your business have a gap or space between the concrete and the ground below it, it’s time to call the pros to have the concrete inspected and moved back to its approved location.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs listed above at your commercial building, give our team at Stabil Solutions a call today. We will arrive at your location to complete a thorough inspection and provide you with commercial concrete jacking services that will stand the test of time.

financing options available

You have a lot of expenses as a business owner, and repairs like commercial concrete jacking likely weren’t slated in your budget. The good news is we at Stabil Solutions provide financing options for all of our concrete leveling services! Check out our financing page to learn more, and contact us with additional questions you may have.

Our Commercial Concrete Jacking Process

Interested in our commercial concrete jacking services for your commercial building and property? Here’s a brief overview of our process:

  • Request A Quote - When you request a quote, we will connect with you to understand your needs, and inspect the area that needs concrete leveling services.
  • Estimate and Financing - Once we assess the concrete, we will provide you with a quote and present you with financing options.
  • Drilling - We will arrive at your location with all of the tools and equipment needed to drill holes to start the concrete lifting process.
  • Filling - As soon as the holes are drilled, we will begin the commercial concrete jacking process by filling the holes with polyurethane, lifting the concrete to the desired level.
  • Patch Holes - When we lift the concrete to the desired height, we will complete a thorough inspection of the work, then fill the holes we drilled and clean up the area.

If you have additional questions about our commercial concrete jacking services, pricing, or process, we have answers! Check out our FAQ page for commonly asked questions, and give us a call to receive any additional information you may need to make your decision.

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The longer you wait to repair your cracked or uneven concrete on your commercial property, the higher your chances are of having an accidental injury on your property that could have been prevented. Be proactive, and request a commercial concrete jacking quote from our team at Stabil Solutions in Delmarva today. Fill out the form below to get started!

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