To Caulk or Not to Caulk?

When a homeowner finds that their driveway is beginning to drop and twist we usually find that water is gone underneath the surface of the concrete and has washed out the sub-base or sand. Many times the sand can get washed out down to the curb at the end of their driveway.

This is more common in driveways with steep inclines leaving big voids underneath the slab causing it to drop and twist. That’s exactly what the concrete raising and leveling industry has been doing for over 20 years; replacing the sub-base which raises the slabs back into their original position eliminating trip hazards.

Most of this could have been avoided had the homeowner taking care of some basic maintenance and caulked the control joints in the concrete driveway. Could you imagine if we didn’t caulk around our windows and door frames allowing water and the weather to get it in. It would be a disaster it’s really no different with a driveway.



Improperly compacted soils can experience erosion.

When heavy equipment and machinery is used is can further weaken the substrate which can cause voids underneath the surface of the concrete. Often times these voids go unnoticed which causes further deterioration to the surface. We drill a hole (1” in diameter) and pump an Eco-safe material under the concrete slab to fill and support these voids and rehabilitate the existing surface.


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Stabil Solutions is committed to providing the best trip hazard removal service possible, bringing your sidewalks into compliance with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) and increasing safety. Stabil Solutions has removed trip hazards on uneven sidewalk panels for countless municipalities, school districts, homeowners associations, and property management groups. We are committed to saving our clients time and money! Not only is trip hazard removal our specialty…it’s the only thing we do.