Mud-Jacking Uneven Pavement

There was a time when the only remedy for sinking sidewalks, patios, steps, or uneven foundations was to tear out the old pavement slab and pour a new one and spend a great deal of time and money in the process. Today, a less intensive alternative–known as mud-jacking–is possible. Mud-jacking, also called concrete leveling, pressure grouting, or slab-jacking is a process where a person pumps slurry beneath a sunken concrete slab to raise it back into place. Then your uneven concrete or pavement slab is level again and no longer unsightly, a nuisance, or most importantly, a safety hazard.

Why Did My Concrete Slab Sink?

Concrete sinks because its underlying support has given way. This can be caused by any number of reasons:

1. The original concrete may have been installed on dirt that wasn’t compacted sufficiently.

2. The soil underneath may have eroded.

3. Some soil simply settles naturally over the course of many years.