4 Types of Concrete Cracks

Common concrete cracks and their causes

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Cracks in your home concrete can occur due to a variety of reasons, chief among which is stress. External load causes stress to concrete and when the stress exceeds the strength of the concrete, cracks begin to appear. Cracks could be an indicator of a bigger structural problem but oftentimes, they pose little or no issues. A good concrete leveling company like Stabil Solutions will be able to tell you if your concrete cracks are nothing to worry about or if you'll need concrete repair. Here are 4 types of the most common concrete cracks.

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Structural Cracks

Structural Cracks occur as a result of foundational problems, errors in your concrete design, or excess load on the concrete. This type of concrete crack is a safety hazard and should be checked out by a concrete restoration professional immediately.

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Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks appear as curves on the concrete and are often in the middle of the wall. They pose little threat to the building's integrity; however, they can lead to leakage problems in the building. Cement repair can help deal with this kind of crack.

Moisture cracks can be fixed by Stabil Solutions in Chestertown, MD

Shrinkage Crack

This type of crack happens as a result of moisture change in concrete. When the water used in preparing the concrete evaporates, the space it creates causes internal stress that leads to cracks. It doesn't have much significance to the building integrity but it can cause water leakage issues.

When your concrete settles, cracks can occur, creating issues

Settlement Cracks

Settlement Cracks occur when the ground beneath the concrete has uneven soil or if space exists in the underground soil. They can appear randomly and multiple times on the concrete surface. Concrete leveling is typically the solution to this problem.

No matter the type of crack, it is recommended that you have it checked by professionals and repaired if necessary. At Stabil Solutions, we provide concrete repairs and concrete leveling services of all kinds for homes and businesses in Chestertown MD, and surrounding areas. Our range of services includes driveway leveling, cement repair, and concrete restoration. Book an appointment with us today and let us guarantee the safety of your building.